The Hidden Village

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The Germans are closing in and the only way out is to hide. Deep in the Veluwe woods, a village of underground huts conceal dozens of Jews from the enemy. As more people pour into Berkenhout, the strain begins to show - 11 year-old Jan is desperate to help, but his thirst for adventure lands him in deep trouble. 

 All it takes is one small slip to change everything.

Review by @BooksinHandbag 

 A forgotten history in my handbag 

“Reading this narrative, with the hindsight of a 21stcentury reader, you fear for the people throughout the book.  Turning each page with dread, you try to hope…

This isn’t a fairy-tale in the woods and ‘you just have to keep hoping’.   You won’t go hurtling from one resolution to another.  You know that not all the characters will survive.  But you will take a look at how brave, unselfish people can work together in the face of injustice and discrimination.  Children will play a real game of cat and mouse with the Germans as they risk their lives to deliver food to hidden villagers.

The author guides you towards the uncertain ending.  Find out about Lisebeth, Sofie, Jan and Oscar as they ‘soundlessly’ creep through their adolescence, in a chaotic world.  Get inside the hidden village and find out more about the impact of the exceptional circumstances on the very real characters and dilemmas.  The characters of this book will never leave your memory and it will make you reassess the terrors in our own world.”